16 Nature-Themed Living Rooms To Inspire Your Next Makeover!

If you need inspiration for nature themed living room designs, I have a stunning roundup for you so you can get those creative juices flowing!

When you think of nature, you picture lush green meadows, flowing waterfalls and warm sand. When you’re designing your living room, it’s important to create a space that mimics these natural elements. And since you’re looking to nature for inspiration it means you also want to create a space that will allow you to relax and escape from the busy city life. After all, living rooms are a place to rest and lounge.

There are many ways to achieve this effect. In the list below, you’ll notice that there are a few recurring themes and design elements that are essential for creating a nature-inspired living room. Stick around till the end for a few key takeaways. These will help you get started in creating your little slice of paradise at home. Let’s dive into this nature themed living room inspo!

Stunning Nature Theme Living Room Designs You’ll Love!

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Plant-Filled Living Room For Jungle Vibes

Exactly how many plants are too many? If you’re a plant lover there is no such thing as too many, right? This nature themed living room is adorned with a variety of small, large, and hanging plants to create a cozy, indoor jungle oasis. A living room you’ll never want to leave.

Earth Tones

Your natural living room decor is not complete without earth tones. This simple earthy living room design combines orange shades with, muted greens, browns, reds, and pops of black for a warm, vibrant look that makes you feel one with nature.

Nature Motifs

A nature wallpaper or wall mural is the easiest way to create nature-themed living room design. This nature accent wall brings this entire room together and compliments the gold in the accent table and rich brown of sofa. Everything about this looks just works!

A Nice Pop of Green!

Adding greenery to your decor is not limited to plants alone. This living room is making a big earthy statement with a lush green sofa that pops right off the white rug. The sofa looks as though its bathing in all that beautiful natural sunlight pouring in from the windows.

Rattan & Cane Living Room Furniture

Nothing spells natural decor like rattan furniture and accents. These rattan accent chairs combined with the soft neutral furnishings bring so much warmth and texture and coziness to this space. Rattan, bamboo, and other natural furniture pieces are a great way to bring nature into your living room design.

Garden Feature Wall

Step up your plant game with a full-on plant wall. A dedicated space for all your plant babies will create that natural, earthy vibe you’re craving. This vertical garden is an easy and space-saving way to bring the outdoors into your living room. The dark stained wood shelves add another layer of earthiness to this look. The accessories in between the plants also give this garden wall dimension and variety.

Driftwood Wall Art

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your nature themed living room try a driftwood art piece. This rustic living room decor features a large driftwood wall sculpture that serves as a beautiful focal point. Accessorizing this organic wall art with plants adds even more interest to the piece. Driftwood can also be used to make really unique and stunning furniture. Check out my other post: Driftwood Furniture Ideas to see how you can transform this natural material into your furniture. Decorating with organic elements found in nature is a sure way to create stunning natural interior design.

Bringing ALL of The Outdoors In

This living room took the phrase ‘bringing the outdoors in’ to a whole other level. You won’t miss being outdoors in this stunning indoor garden space. This nature themed living room design features natural wood pieces, tall, lush indoor trees and a large skylight. Combined with the stone-colored sofa, this living room will make anyone feel more connected with nature.

Indoor Tree Takes Center Stage

A large indoor tree in the middle of your living room is enough to make a statement. The high ceilings in this living room facilitate this striking tree quite nicely. The wooden elements throughout the space scream rustic cabin vibes with a contemporary twist. The neutral palette throughout the space ensures a bright and cohesive look in this natural living room decor. It’s simply beautiful.

Organic Elements & Neutral Tones For A Contemporary Style

This nature-themed living room is the perfect example of organic modern interior design. The neutral rug and color palette are subtle, allowing the natural materials and black accents to shine. The woven textures and soft furnishings give this living room a calm, zen atmosphere that makes you want to spend a lot of time there.

Biophilic Living Room Design

Biophilic interior design is all about connecting people with nature within their homes. This design style is for serious naturalists and features organic, natural design elements that are built into the architectural design of the home. Like installing multiple palm trees in the center of your living room as shown in the image above. I mean, wouldn’t you just love to lay on that couch and look up at palm trees, inside your living room?! I certainly would!

This nature-inspired living room checks all the boxes for biophilic interior design; the large sofa is surrounded by plants, the stone wall, those gorgeous, towering palm trees, and the large dried grass pendant accessory. It all comes together beautifully to achieve an authentic nature-themed living room design. The wooden accents and tree stump accent tables bring even more natural vibes to this space. What a stunning room this is! See the rest of the interiors here at Bali Interiors

Wood Panel Accent Wall

This living room design combined a wood panel wall with wood ceiling beams and lush greenery to create a cozy and stylish nature inspired design. The green sofa really stands out against the wood accent wall and the black and white rug.

Lots & Lots of Naural Light

This living room looks bright and airy and almost sparkles in all that beautiful sunlight. One sure way to bring a taste of nature into your living room is to maximize natural sunlight wherever you can. The bare windows ensure natural light is distributed throughout the entire space, while the tall palm and tree twig accents above give this living room a beachy, outdoorsy feel. The rustic coffee table and jute rug completes this natural living room aesthetic.

Side Note: If you’re looking for jute rug without the scratchy feel I rounded up these Machine-Washable Jute-Style Rugs for a stylish look without the cleaning hassle.

Moody Nature-Themed Living Room

If bright and airy is not your jam then maybe dark and moody will do it. This cozy living room combines dark wood floors with stone grey walls, wood accents, plants and warm ambient lighting to create this moody design. The palm plants and wooden accents are accentuated with accent lighting making the space look cozy and inviting.

Organic Living Room Design

This living room embodies organic style with natural, raw wood accents, stone flooring, and a neutral color palette. The soft cushions and pillows help break up the hardness of the wood elements. Even though this is a limited color palette (crisp white, beige, and browns) this room feels open, warm and serene. With all the organic design elements used in this living room, it is truly nature-inspired.

Modern, Rustic Chic Living Room

Rustic interior design will always be on trend because of its use of sustainable natural materials. This modern rustic living room uses natural materials to create a nature-themed design. Exposed brick the repurposed wood coffee tables, the jute rug and the plants all work together to create an inviting natural design. The cool grey sofa balances out the warm tones in the room and goes well against the backdrop of the brick wall. Let’s not ignore the way the skylight offers a beautiful sunkissed glow to this space.

Inspired yet? I certainly am! Nature themed living room design will instantly change the mood in your home. This aesthetic is known for creating a calm and soothing environment that helps reduce stress and anxiety (who doesn’t need that these days?). Achieving this design style is as easy as combining several natural design elements with the right color scheme.

Some takeaways for creating your own nature themed living room design

  • Plants are an absolute must when attempting any kind of nature-inspired decor
  • Add wooden elements to your living room decor. Even if it’s small decorative items for your coffee table. Just included them.
  • Maximize natural sunlight. Fake it with artificial lighting if you have to.
  • Incorporate natural, earthy tones into your color scheme
  • Try rattan and other woven accents like baskets, woven pendant light or cane accessories to add texture.
  • Add organic materials (clay, stone, foliage, tree branch) and shapes ( a live edge coffee table, a drift wood sculpture or shelf) to your living room.

I hope you were inspired by these ideas. Now go create that earthy living room you’ve been dreaming of. Happy Decorating!

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