10 Large Rattan Light Fixtures That Add Warmth & Texture To Your Home

Want to add a large rattan light fixture to your decor? I have 10 stylish, picks for you!

Rattan light fixtures are a staple in any nature-inspired interior design. The woven design offers a contrast from the conventional pendant lights. Rattan light fixtures are a great way to add texture and interest to your decor. The natural color of rattan will create a warm elegant, earthy look and feel to your rooms.

With so many choices on the market now, finding a large rattan light fixture is easy. I compiled 10 modern rattan pendant lights to help you get started.

10 Stylish Rattan Light Fixtures For A Warm & Inviting Space.

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Karjearl Large Rattan Chandelier 

Turn your dining room or living room into a warm and inviting space with the Karjearl Large Rattan Chandelier. This rattan light fixture features a raindrop shape with a beautiful bohemian style made from high-quality rattan material. The light filters through the weaving spaces of the shade for a stunning reflection on the walls and ceiling.

Arturesthome Natural Rattan Pendant Light

The Arturesthome Rattan Pendant Light is a beautiful light fixture that is sure to add an elegant touch to any space. This rattan lamp comes with adjustable cords to customize your lighting preference. It also includes a convenient installation pack for quick and easy setup. Completely natural and designed with boho style, this large rattan light fixture will bring warmth and comfort to any room. Place it in your bedroom, living room or over your kitchen island. Check out more Natural Pendant Lights From Arturesthome

Rattan Sunflower Pendant Light

Another stunning Arturesthome light fixture is this Rattan Sunflower Pendant Light. The unique flower petal shape is sure to catch the attention of friends, family, and visitors. It’s A decorative and functional lampshade with a great artistic style. This large rattan light fixture is suitable for any type of ceiling and can be used in dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms, lofts, etc. The installation process is simple and includes all installation hardware accessories.

Dome Woven Rattan Light Fixture

The Danggeoi Hand-Woven Natural Chandelier is a unique rattan pendant light made by skilled craftsmen, who ensure that each one is one of a kind. This large rattan light fixture blends modern and farmhouse charm to create a charming, rustic-inspired piece that’s sure to catch your eye. This chandelier is non-toxic, durable, high temperature resistant, and fade resistant, so you can enjoy your beautiful new chandelier for years to come.

Miyori Indi Nest Rattan Light Fixture

If you want to add earthy texture to your home the Miyori Indi Nest Pendant Light is an interesting option. This bird nest shape light fixture will create a nature-inspired and artistic atmosphere in any room you decide to use it. This piece is not only a lighting tool but also a beautiful hanging sculpture for your home. With its Asian/Nordic style, this rustic look is ideal for Livingrooms, Dining rooms, a home bar, or any other space where you want to add a touch of nature.

Black Rattan Light Fixture

Set your dining room or kitchen island apart with this elegant, dome-shaped rattan pendant light. This beautiful black rattan pendant lamp is an elegant and natural choice for your entryway, dining room, hallway or any space you want to add natural texture. Its elegant and natural arc is simple yet appealing to the eye. This large rattan light fixture is environmentally friendly, healthy, and long-lasting with the perfect finish for both natural and contemporary design.

Light Bohemian Modern Rattan Pendant Light

This Light Bohemian Woven Pendant Light would be perfect for your Coastal or Boho style setting. It comes with 120V LED Bulbs that are included so it’s ready to install and use right away. Hang it over the dining table or kitchen island. This fixture is an elegant combination of luxury and nature.

Aoodu Bamboo & Rattan Chandelier

The Aoodu Bamboo & Rattan Chandelier Is vibrant craftsmanship with natural beauty And artistic charm. It features 3 woven lamps both simple and stylish, with the perfect combination of natural bamboo and light rattan.

Black & Natural Woven Rattan Chandelier

Give your home a touch of coastal style with this delightful multi-colored Rattan Light Fixture. Featuring rattan in a classic black and natural finish, it’s the perfect way to add a bit of elegance and contemporary style to any room. This gorgeous light fixture comes complete with adjustable cords and easy installation instructions–making it a breeze to hang.

Black Woven Rattan Chandelier

Add some modern boho vibes to your interiors with this woven rattan chandelier. This black woven rattan chandelier is modern, chic, and contemporary. Add it to your living room bedroom or even your powder room. The black woven design adds texture and blends well with any interior design style.

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