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I’m a huge fan of warm and cozy bedrooms. After all the bedroom is where you recharge after a long day, where you dream about your future, and where you retreat to when you want to be alone with your thoughts. The right bedroom decor can make all the difference in making your bedroom feel like a cozy little refuge.

What makes a warm, cozy bedroom? Think about what keeps you warm in winter: fireplaces, soft blankets, heavy sweaters… The same principles apply when creating a cozy bedroom. But warm and cozy decor isn’t limited to the winter season. You can get that cozy vibe by using warmer, earthy tones and muted shades. These colors are timeless and can be used all year round.

I saw this gorgeous bedroom decor on The Citizenry the other day and wanted to feature the look, as well as the stunning products used in this room. Products at The Citizenry are organic, ethical, and elegant. Each piece is crafted by talented artisans from all around the globe.

If you’re looking to add some warmth to your bedroom decor this season this war, cozy bedroom decor will inspire!

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Modern Warm And Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

Cielo Baskets - Natural - Medium

The Citizenry

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